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A forum for roleplaying Altador Cup players.
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 The Rules of The Colosseum

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Team Colosseum Admin
Team Colosseum Admin

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PostThe Rules of The Colosseum

Each forum needs rules in order to encourage an environment of fun. I try to be lenient, but anarchy isn't something conducive to a game like this. You need not memorize these, but they're here for reference.

The Rules


  1. Please don't harass other members. Act respectful to each other. Disagreements will happen, but please disagree respectfully. If you cannot do that, then it would be advised to not say anything. (TL;DR: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.)

  2. Keep drama in PMs, or outside of this board. If you have a disagreement with a member that cannot be solved between yourselves, contact a moderator or an admin that you trust.

  3. Please don't create multiple accounts. If you have multiple people in the same household wanting to use this site, let us know, and there will be an exception made for you, as finding who has multiple accounts is dependent on IP Address.

  4. You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for this forum. This is because our Forumotion overlords have US government overlords who support this thing called "COPPA." While a good portion of us have broken such rules in the past (I know I have), if I catch you doing it here, you will be banned for this site's sake.

  5. Likewise, because our Forumotion overlords (though not US government overlords) say so, no smutting. There are plenty of other places to smut, and here is not one of them. I'm not going to risk this site because you want to erotically roleplay with someone. Saying that two characters had sex is okay, but don't show them engaging in the act.

  6. Follow the other rules our Forumotion overlords placed on us.


  1. There is no hard and fast limit on the amount of characters one may have, but please use common sense. Don't take every avaliable character, because, believe me, there is no way in hell you'll roleplay them all, or have all of their profiles be of quality.

  2. You can have players that were young when they first started, but the youngest player would likely be Crade Talvos, as he is the newest player, as Jumpstart is lazy and won't make new players. Be realistic about character ages is what I'm trying to get at here. A 20-year-old Mirsha Grelinek for Altador Cup IX, for example, would have been 11 years old during her first cup, which doesn't sound right to me, and shouldn't sound right to anyone.

  3. I get that personalities change over the course of a character's development. If you feel a change in character's personality is warranted, let me know with the change, and I'll edit it.

Threads and Posting

  1. Any roleplayer, no matter how long they've been around, can start their own thread, and thus, their own story. The thread creator is the game master (GM) of their thread.

  2. Each roleplayer is limited to being the game master of one thread at a time. A roleplayer can join as many roleplays as they wish, but, like with the character thing, use common sense. Don't join more threads than you can handle.

  3. A GM can have additional rules for their roleplay, as long as they do not conflict with these rules unless otherwise specified.

  4. Unless explicitly stated, each story will share a loose similarity in canon, though it's not very strict. The big thing each thread has in common is the portrayal of the characters.

  5. If a GM needs to use characters that are used by another roleplayer that isn't participating in their thread, the GM should contact the roleplayer and see if it's alright with them. If the roleplayer ultimately says yes, the roleplayer can still join the thread at a later time.

  6. If a GM is using a character that wasn't claimed by a roleplayer at the time of the thread's creation, but is later claimed, and the roleplayer wishes to join the roleplay, the roleplayer and GM should come to an agreement of some kind.

  7. Assume that a roleplay uses the prose/book/paragraph format if not stated otherwise.

  8. Refrain from making posts that only have OOC content, and only do it when necessary. A GM has every right to outright ban this, so be warned.


  1. Once a user claims a character, they keep the character until the next AC, though members who quit will have their characters made avaliable upon quitting. Active roleplayers, a month before the next Altador Cup, will be asked if they want to renew their characters for the next year, and an updated profile form for the upcoming year.

  2. If a game master of a thread is inactive in the thread for longer than a month, a new game master may be appointed democratically (by voting).

  3. Paleopoints (lol see what I did there) are a currency in this thread, and are a slightly accurate indicator of a user's activity. They can be exchanged for whatever reasons, but any scams between members will not be tolerated.

  4. I get that real life can impact activity, so the rules on inactivity are very lenient. This is just a game, and one that isn't very popular, in my honest opinon.


  1. There is an entire subsection dedicated to graphics. You can discuss things such as "avatars" and "signatures" there.

  2. The maximum size for an avatar is 150x150 pixels. The maximum height for a signature image is 300 pixels, and the maximum width is 500 pixels.

  3. Refrain from using images or text that could cause seizures in photosensitive individuals on any part of the forums.


  • Disrespect of other members will result in a warning. If there is a repeat problem, the user will be temporarily banned after having 50% warning status. After the warning level reaches 100% (as the warning level will increase with each ban), the user will be indefinitely banned. This will apply to rules where the consequence is "a warning."

  • For creating multiple accounts (aside from ban evasion), the user will have all accounts merged and a warning for the first offense. Any later accounts will be deleted with further warnings.

  • For ban evasion (even for a temporary ban), the user will be IP banned indefinitely.

  • For creating an account when you're younger than 13, your account will be banned until your 13th birthday.

  • Breaking any of Forumotion's rules will result in the post being removed and a warning.

  • Breaking a roleplaying rule (set by the GM or otherwise) will result in a warning.

  • Breaking a graphics rules (with the exception of the "no seizure-inducing images" rule) will result in removal the first time, and a warning for future offenses.

  • Breaking the "no seizure-inducing images" rule will result in removal and an automatic temporary ban. This is something that could seriously damage someone, so please please please don't do it.

  • Scamming people out of Paleopoints will result in the scammer having negative Paleopoints equivalent to the amount of Paleopoints stolen and a warning.

  • The warning level is reset once a year, when a new Altador Cup begins. This will apply to currently banned users, though they will not be unbanned.

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The Rules of The Colosseum

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