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 Derlyn Fonnet

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Team Colosseum Admin

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PostSubject: Derlyn Fonnet   Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:47 pm

Name: Derlyn Fonnet
Gender: Demigirl
Age: 28
Birthday: February 11th
Species: Gnorbu
Orientation: Demiromantic Bisexual
Image:Derlyn Fonnet
Team: Kreludor
Position: Centre Defender
Personality: Derlyn is confident in herself in most circumstances, the big exception being when pictures are being taken (and being an athlete, pictures being taken are unavoidable). She is very open-minded, and will not judge someone until she knows them well. However, if she has reason not to like someone, that someone will have to do something spectacular to get on her good side once more. Despite her dislike of having pictures taken of her, she has talents in public speaking. She has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor, and is snarky when mildly annoyed by a situation. However, woe to the person that harasses her loved ones; an angry Derlyn is not a Derlyn anyone wants to be around.
Roleplayer: winduko

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Derlyn Fonnet
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