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 Antola Maeir

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Pronouns : they/them/themself
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PostSubject: Antola Maeir   Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:02 pm

  Name: Antola Maeir
  Gender: Trans man
  Age: 26
  Birthday: August 3rd
  Species: Zafara
  Orientation: Demiromantic Pansexual
  Team: Shenkuu
  Position: Left Defender
 Personality:Usually looking for the bright side of a situation, Antola is an excitable, easygoing optimist, who is willing to befriend every individual he meets. He tries to put others before himself, at times to the point of self-neglect. He enjoys humour and conversation, as well as a wide variety of hobbies that he frequently alternates between.  However, he is prone to daydreaming and zoning out when not directly engaged in something. He is also rather impulsive with his personal decisions, spending more time considering the immediate positives than the consequences he may face later. When things go especially bad, Antola can be incredibly hard on himself for making the wrong choices. Yet, no matter the circumstances, he tries everything he can to move himself forward.
  Roleplayer: Araylea/Moogi
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Antola Maeir
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