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 Qlydae Wegg

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Pronouns : she/her
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Join date : 2016-06-19
Age : 30

PostSubject: Qlydae Wegg   Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:02 am

  Name: Qlydae Wegg
  Gender: Male
  Age: 29
  Birthday: August 6th
  Species: Grundo
  Orientation: Asexual Homoromantic
  Team: Kreludor
  Position: Left Forward
  Personality: Qlydae's quiet, introspective nature often makes him seem serious and distant. In reality, once he finds common ground with someone he loves to joke around and exchange ideas. He's rather flighty at times and the difficulty he experiences with decision making can cause him to act impulsively. Overall, he tries to approach the world with patience and gentle curiosity.
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Qlydae Wegg
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